Holiday Shoppers Will Be “WOWed” This Season by New, SRS-Tuned Sharper Image Audio Products

SRS Labs Inc., a leading provider of surround sound, audio and voice technologies, and Sharper Image Corporation (NASDAQ: SHRP), a specialty retailer known as a leading source of new, innovative, high-quality products, today announced a strategic relationship to develop and market a new line of SRS-enabled Sharper Image audio products featuring SRS Labs’ award-winning audio enhancement technology, SRS WOW.

As part of the strategic relationship, SRS Labs and Sharper Image consulted together on the audio design, implementation and integration of the SRS WOW technology to optimize and tune the audio performance for each product. In addition, SRS Labs and Sharper Image Corporation have entered into a strategic marketing agreement to promote the new line of audio products with the SRS WOW technology. “We are known for our innovative products,” said Jerry W. Levin, Chairman of Sharper Image. “Our partnership with SRS Labs allows us to use their expert audio knowledge to incorporate the latest patented technologies in Sharper Image-designed products, so our customers receive top-notch products with superior audio performance.”

SRS WOW improves the dynamic audio performance of stereo and mono content by restoring the spatial cues and ambient sounds that are lost during the compression processes of many audio formats, such as AAC and MP3, to create a natural listening experience which resembles the original recording. WOW also brings the soundstage to life with immersive 3D audio as it widens and raises the sound field and creates a deeper, more natural bass response. SRS WOW is well suited for iPod and MP3 accessories where the speakers are set close together, as well as for headphone applications. SRS WOW’s ability to widen the audio field puts big sound in easy reach of small speakers.

“Sharper Image is widely recognized as a high-quality brand with top-of-the-line products,” said Tom Yuen, chairman and CEO, SRS Labs. “Currently, the iPod and MP3 player market is booming and the new audio products SRS Labs and The Sharper Image are delivering to the market bring together innovative designs with superior sound technology to squarely meet the needs of digital music enthusiasts.”

The Sharper Image and SRS Labs have planned to promote the new SRS WOW-enabled products to Sharper Image customers through newly designed packaging, in-store demonstrations, various marketing efforts and special call outs in the Sharper Image monthly catalog and on the website.

The new products are becoming available now and will all be available for the holiday season in 190 Sharper Image specialty stores across the United States, the Sharper Image website and catalogs. These products include:

  • iPulse Jukebox
  • Quiet Place Noise-Cancellation Headphones
  • Digital Hybrid Wireless Headphones
  • iSphere
  • iPulse
  • Beetle with AM/FM Digital Tuner & Alarm Clock
  • Solo Stereo
  • iTower
  • iBeam

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