As hard as I try, I always seem to have a hard time when attempting to pick out a gift for someone. There are certain people that I know and am able to formulate various gift ideas for, but generally, my brain fuzzes out right at the moment when I need to brainstorm. Certain events do allow for the giving of money, but that’s usually viewed as the easy way out, and it’s not nearly as personal as a “real” gift. However, even with that said, I prefer receiving money over most other gifts, and I know that I’m not alone. Before you purchase that paperweight for your friend, go to to find some better gift suggestions.

You can look through the general suggestions that are categorized for the recipient, occassion, or product category that you’re interested in, but the Web site really begins to shine once you get more specific and take the short quiz that is required in order to shop by personality. Is the person that you have in mind a guy’s guy, an achiever, a brainiac, etc.? No matter what term best describes them, you’ll find some very nice gifts that are targeted for their interests. I must say, has some of the coolest gift recommendations that I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure that I’ll be using this site for real at some point(s) in the future. Shh… don’t tell anybody.

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