A review

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I attempted to post this on the main (comment area) Lockergnome site, but for some reason it would not post. So, here it is.

I downloaded and installed the “Video DVD Maker Free” that was touted on the last “Freeware Friday” on 17 November.

The install went well, no problem with that.

Anyway, right after I installed the program, I popped in a blank DVD-R and started it up. It began by doing something it called a “timeline” – that took over 4 hours to accomplish for a 89 minute AVI file. After that, it was only a few minutes to actually record the DVD. However, I discovered that the program defaults to PAL recording rather than the NTSC recording. I only found this out when my DVD player (on the TV) told me that the first DVD I made was not NTSC, thus not playable.

When I popped the second DVD into my player (hooked to my TV) it started with a “DIVX” blurb in the lower right hand corner that went away after about two minutes. But, the sound was sped up and the sync between the lips and the soundtrack was off – waaaay off.

I would say that it was a one time thing, but I made sure. I did a clean boot and loaded only what I absolutely needed. Same deal. Ruined 4 DVD-R discs. Kind of expensive for a free program, in my opinion.

Overall? Not worth it.

Just my take.