Change The Home Page In Internet Explorer v7.0

Each time you open Internet Explorer, an HTML page is displayed. This is referred to as the Home Page. By configuring the home page settings, you can specify which HTML page you want displayed when you open Internet Explorer.

To change the Home Page, open Internet Explorer, click the down arrow beside Tools and click Internet Options. You have three options on the General tab when configuring the home page. By selecting the Use current button, the web page that is currently open in your browser will become the home page. Selecting the Use default button, the home page will be set to that which was configured when Internet Explorer was first installed. The Use blank button means the home page displayed will be a blank HTML page.
You can return your home page at any time in Internet Explorer by clicking the icon on the tool bar that resembles a house. Alternatively, you can return to this page by pressing the ALT + Home keystrokes. And an even simpler way yet to get back home is to type two periods in the address bar and press Enter.

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