CNET Editor James Kim, Family Missing

KimWhen this news rolled into my inbox today, I was speechless. James Kim, formerly of TechTV and now CNET, has gone missing with his family. According to the information emailed to me today, Kim and his family were on their way to Seattle. They were last seen in Portland, OR on November 25th. The Kim family has officially been listed as missing with the SFPD.

Folks, I think that it should be pretty obvious that this just sucks. And I, along with others, are asking for your help in making sure that James and family are found so that they can contact loved ones to let them know that they are OK.

If you have a blog, mailing list, or newsletter, let’s work together to bring the Kim family back home safe and sound this holiday season. If you have any leads, please follow this link in order to contact the SFPD with any tips as to their whereabouts. Thank you.