Donald Trump to Launch His Own Video Games Console

I recently received this email from a friend of mine:

“For years Nintendo, Sega, Sony and recently Microsoft, have battled to conquer the video game industry. Although Sega has fallen from grace, the three “big ones” are continuing their success with their new releases.

In an unexpected announcement, a new competitor is here to corner the world video game market. Donald Trump, the US equivalent of the UK’s Sir Alan Sugar, has announced he will be throwing his hat into the ring with the TRUMPSTATION WII 360 – a new and incredible VG console made by “the Donald” himself.”

Well my friend ‘spoofed’ me good. He knows I was a fan of Donald Trump’s TV show ‘The Apprentice’ when it was airing, so naturally the title caught my eye. And it wasn’t hard for me to believe that the Trump organization would consider entering into the gaming console arena. Since watching the Trump TV show, it was apparent that Trump himself had a wide area of interest.

But once I checked out the link for the alleged news article, I found a Web site that is totally geared to spoof the news. You can take a look at the Web site here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Some of the articles are very funny. But many of the articles are geared for the adult audience only and may not be suitable for children.
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