Pin A Program To The Start Menu In Vista

Have you ever taken a closer look at your Start Menu? If you have, you’ll notice there are distinction sections. There is the All Programs option. Above this you have all sorts of programs, which can change if you hadn’t noticed. This is because these are your recently used programs. Any programs you recently opened are added to this section of the Start Menu. Windows Vista assumes since you opened it once, you will likely need access to it again soon so it’s added directly to the Start Menu for faster access. And above this you have your pinned programs.

So what exactly are your pinned programs? A pinned program is one that is manually added to the Start Menu and remains there until you remove it. So for those programs you access on a daily basis, one of the options you have for making them faster to open is to pin them to the Start Menu. You can pin a program to the Start Menu by right clicking the specific program and selecting the option to Pin to Start Menu. Keep in mind though that if multiple users share the computer, the program will only appear as a pinned program for the user who is currently logged on.

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