WiWait for Apple for WiReless iPod Sync When It’s Here Now?

I’ve been saying since last Christmas here at SvenOnTech that iPods need Wi-Fi for an assortment of reasons. One very strong case for it is wireless syncing. My dream is to have the car parked in the garage and sync from my glove box, but that seems to be just that at this moment. A dream. Thankfully, though, silex america has a similar dream and with its WiDock, you can get that wireless sync action today.

WiDock is a dock for your iPod with a dock connector on the bottom of your iPod. Looking very much like the Apple dock, the white block that holds your iPod in an angle differs in the front only with its black circle on the left side. This is for the infrared eye. Don’t worry about buying yet another remote as it will look for Apple’s own white remote that is a common fixture with new Macs. The Mac remote will now control your iPod as well from across the room with the same ease you use in Front Row. On the back of the dock is where you’ll find the real difference to this ingenious little white guy, though. With its 3.5mm audio plug and S-Video output, you’ll have the luxury of adding your iPod to the stereo and TV, and again, with the ability to control it with your Apple remote.

“But what about the wireless sync?” you ask. Okay, that’s done through Wi-Fi, hence the Wi in the WiDock name. Supporting both 802.11b and g protocols, WiDock will work with just about any Access Point out including Apple’s Airport Express. For those wise wireless users that have password protected their networks, WiDock will support the weak WEP to the strong WPA2 encryption schemes. If you’re happier with wires out of your walls, then don’t worry, silex america covered you folks with an RJ-45 connector on the back of the WiDock, too.

Now if you’re thinking to yourself, and you probably are because you’re such a smart reader, “How does this all communicate with iTunes, though?” then I’ll cut you off at the pass and just tell you that you need to install some software onto your Mac or PC before you can use this dock. After you get SVL for Mac or Windows installed, with a couple of setting adjustments made from either the iTunes host computer, iPod, or even from a Web browser on your network, you’ll be syncing your iPod wirelessly in no time!

We will be meeting with silex america at this year’s CES and will give you all the goods on this product as well as any other exciting information we can pull from it. SvenOnTech will also happily be performing a review on the WiDock of which the results will be found right here our reviews section. Stay tuned…wirelessly!

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