Microsoft Looking For Testers For The Next Release Of Windows

I wasn’t going to mention this, since I wasn’t sure if this information was available to the public. Then I found this article from M-Dollar that pretty much covered all there was to cover, including the statement made from Microsoft if you opted into the program.

I received this email as well on 12-01-06 asking if I would be interested in joining the next beta phase of the future Windows as well as a offer to Beta test Longhorn Server beta. I accepted both offers.

So why is Microsoft already looking at the next release of Windows when Vista hasn’t even hit the streets yet for consumers? I believe Microsoft realizes that consumers have some great ideas on how to improve Windows . After all, they are the people who use the operating system almost on a daily bases. So why don’t take advantage of these folks expertise. And I think Microsoft doesn’t want to wait another 5 years before releasing another version of Windows.

I personally look forward to participating in this new venture.

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