Above everything else, one of the most frequent social activities that we as human beings participate in is going out to eat at a restaurant with some friends and family. Many of us eat at least three meals a day, and not all of those meals are going to be at home, so when it comes time to hit the town and find something to eat, it pays to be educated on the variety of menu options that you can expect at some of the restaurants that you’re interested in. When I go to a new restaurant, I usually ask to see a menu first just so I can see the food and pricing options that will become a reality once I sit down at the table. With Menutopia, you can figure all of this out online before you actually go to the restaurant.

The service is only available in eight cities at this time, but those eight cities are featuring almost 19,000 menus. Wow – that’s a lot of food. Assuming that you live in or are traveling to one of the supported cities, you can easily search for restaurants or browse the database by cuisine, neighborhood, or tags (people watching, live music, trendy). Once you’ve found what seems to be a compelling eatery, you can check out the menu, get directions, find out when they’re open, and read any reviews or ratings that may be posted. As if that wasn’t enough, some restaurants will even allow you to order food online, so you’ll feel like you’re actually there, minus the screaming children.

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