Windows Vista – Ultimate Extras

As I am sure you are now aware, the Vista Ultimate edition is Microsoft’s high-end release that has all of the bells and whistles and which includes a fairly steep price tag of $399 for the full version and $299 for the upgrade.

Ultimate will also include what Microsoft has labeled as Ultimate Extras. What are Ultimate Extras?

No one knows for sure. But here is an excerpt of an email I received from Microsoft requesting applying for the Ultimate Extras:

What are Extras?
I must be vague because most of the details about Ultimate Extras are still secret. However, if you visit the Extras control panel in Windows Vista Ultimate, you’ll read that Windows Ultimate Extras are programs, services, and premium content for Windows Vista Ultimate.

We think they are cool, and some of the Extras are almost ready to go, but first we want the help of some seasoned Vista users. Therefore we’re creating a limited-enrollment testing program, and I encourage you to apply.

I have applied, but whether I am selected or not is anyone’s guess.

Some of the rumors that are floating around the Internet is that Ultimate Extras may be similar to the Plus packs that Microsoft has previously released for some Windows versions. Other rumors are that it may include a Motion Desktop that will allow for the end user to run an animated or interactive desktop wallpaper to complement the UI already present in Windows Vista. This was previously known as Desktop Aurora.

So the rumors continue and we won’t really know what Microsoft has up its sleeve until the Ultimate Extras are released.

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