Become A Beta Tester For Microsoft Game Studios

If you are a gamer and if you would like to test some of the latest games before they hit the store shelves, then becoming a game beta tester may be for you. There is not guarantee that you will ever be accepted to any beta testing program, but it doesn’t hurt to apply. And as always, I recommend you only use beta software on a test machine, since there is a slight possibility it could damage your operating system or cause undue behavior on your system.

As being a beta tester also places some responsibilities on you to actually use the software and file accurate bug reports with the software manufacturer, see the article I wrote on being a beta tester here.

So take a look at at the Microsoft Studio Beta testing program to see if you are interested in participating.

In order to participate, you will either need a .NET Passport account or a Windows Live ID.

Get A Windows Live ID from here.

Good luck!

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