Interesting Product – NitroXP

Every once in a while, a software product appears that does exactly what the software developer states. In this case, speeding up your Internet connection. I took this software for a trial run (you get 30 days to play with it – then it’s $19.95), and I must admit that my cable connection sessions, while on the Internet, did appear to load faster. I tested it on some sites that I know load slowly, and bang, they jumped onto the screen.

The software developers claims the following for its NitroXP product:

  • Optimize your Internet connection (this is for broadband, mainly)
  • Release wasted RAM (I don’t mess with my RAM settings – if it ain’t broke…)
  • Increase operating system speed (I’ve heard this claim too many times)
  • Decrease shutdown time (My system shuts down just fine, thank you)
  • And much more! (Check the site for details)

You can try the 30-day free trial here. Remember – your mileage may vary. And as with any software, create a restore point before testing it. Read my how to create a restore point here.

Further note – I only optimized my cable connection. I didn’t use any of the other features.

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