Laptops Outselling Desktop PCs This Holiday Season – Here's Why

During 2005, desktop and laptop PCs were running neck and neck with a 50% market share each . But this holiday season with stats coming in after the Thanksgiving holiday sale known as Black Friday and sales results from the first two weeks of December, laptop sales are running two to one over desktop PCs.

I, for one, can believe these stats since we have also become a laptop family of sorts. Last year my wife and I dumped our bulky desktops in favor of laptops.


  • Aesthetics. I had purchased a new oak roll top desk and didn’t want to clutter up this fine piece of furniture with a mess of equipment like a tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and the like.
  • Space saving. My laptop closes shut for the evening and slips away under the roll-top not to be seen until morning.
  • Cost. The prices of laptops are 20% cheaper than last year. You can get a big bang for your buck.
  • When you vacation, you can take your lappy with you. It’s rare not to find a motel or hotel without Wi-Fi or a network connection of some sort.

The downsides.

  • I can do very little repair work on the laptop. Replace a hard disk, CD drive, maybe a power fan and add another stick of RAM, which I have done already.
  • They are a little more fragile and need to be protected when traveling.
  • Keyboards are smaller, but you get used to it.
  • I flat out hate the built-in touchpad. I bought a mini-mouse. 🙂

And here is the best reason. I love using my lappy. No longer do my knees bump into to the tower on the floor. The 15.4 monitor screen I have is clear and bright. And it’s portable. I setup wireless and during the football games I can follow the progress of the other teams in real life using my lappy.

Do I still have a desktop? Yep, still have two. One is my gaming rig. You need a pretty powerful system with plenty of video power. Few lappies have this and if they do they cost a small fortune. And a second desktop for when the grandkids come. They can pound on it without fear knowing that grandpa can fix any damage they may cause.

Happy holidays! 🙂

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