Windows XP's Color Control Panel Applet (Part I)

With more and more people using Windows XP to work with digital photos and images, it’s important to have results that contain accurate colors. One way that you can improve the quality of pictures and graphics is to use the Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP.

Many people are not familiar with the Color Control Panel Applet because it is not included with Windows XP. It is a free add-on from Microsoft that can be used to take advantage of color technology built into Windows XP known as Image Color Management (ICM) 2.0. Once the applet is installed, you can use it to perform the following tasks:

  • Install and uninstall color profiles
  • Inspect, rename, and compare two different color profiles
  • View a 3D graphics plot of color profile gamuts
  • Associate color profiles with devices such as printers, monitors, and scanners
  • Apply custom color gamut adjustments to one or more displays “on the fly”
  • Set up display calibration reminders at intervals you specify

In this series of articles, I’ll outline the steps you need to complete in order to install the Color Control Panel Applet as well as how to configure the various color settings.

Before you install the Color Control Panel Applet, you should be aware of the system requirements. It is only supported for use on Windows XP (Home or Professional Editions) with Service Pack 2.

There are no specific hardware requirements, other than your system must meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows XP and have a connection to the Internet. Finally, the Microsoft.NET Framework version 1.1 is required. If it is not already installed on your computer, it will automatically be installed when you run Setup for the Color Control Panel Applet.

In the next installment of this article, I’ll show you how to install the Color Control Panel Applet.

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