The Value Of IT Certification Boot Camps

There is no career field expanding quite as fast as the Information Technology field. Most experts predict this field will remain one of the fastest growing segments of the job market for many years to come. There is hardly a job that does not use computer technology to some degree or another and the demand for trained IT certified techs is reaching critical mass in many industries. One of the major problems within this growth industry is the rapid advances in technology. Training has to be continuous as new software is introduced or upgraded almost daily. One method of determining the level of training of a prospective employee is certification.

Although online certification courses are becoming more and more popular, they are not always the best way to gain the needed skills. Many people work better with the help of instructors and in group learning situations. It is for exactly these kinds of people that the Certification Boot Camp has been developed.

A Certification Boot Camp is an extensive onsite and hands-on training course. The boot camp idea is borrowed from the military where its meaning was a basic training course that was designed to impart a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time. The training boot camp ideal for IT certification borrows from the military model and provides training specifically designed to fill the needs of the student. An example might be an MCSE boot camp where the student is certified as a Microsoft System Engineer or a CCNA boot camp where the student receives the Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate that is good for three years before it must be renewed.

Certification boot camp is certainly a worthwhile alternative to online training. Students totally immerse themselves in the equipment and are guided step by step by professional instructors. Questions are answered at once, and the most updated software and hardware is available for the student to practice his newly refined computer skills. Certification is becoming a virtually necessity for success in the Information Technology field, and the boot camp training concept is a real break through for people whose time schedule does not allow excessive time for training. Speed has become such a necessity in this ever changing technological landscape. If a person takes his time learning a particular computer skill, it may very well be outdated by the time his course is finished. Speed and personal instruction are the real values of certification boot camp.

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Natalie Aranda writes about MSCE training.

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