Get Rid Of Scripting Errors

One of most common problems that is reported in the forums are those referencing scripting errors. Why do some of us get scripting errors and some don’t? Easy. Each of us surf different Web sites and may not encounter a site where the Web author has included something on his or her site that trips the error message.

What is a scripting error? In general, when we surf the Internet, we sometimes stumble on a page that has something embedded in the code that causes our browser to hiccup. An error is then displayed, asking us if we wish to debug the error. This generally cannot be done by the surfer since the code is in the control of the author who only has the rights to edit the page[s] in question.

What to do? Turn off scripting and the related pop-up asking you to debug the page.

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools – Internet Options – Advanced tabs and check the box “Disable script debugging.” Then remove the check from “Display a notification about every script error.”

For Firefox, you may receive an unresponsive script message. To correct this problem, read this article at

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