Vista with Aero Vs. Windows XP SP2 – Similar Performance

Microsoft hired a company by the name of Principled Technologies to compare Vista running the new Aero against Windows XP SP2. The main goal was to determine if the Aero interface would cause a performance hit on various test machines. The bottom line to the report was that performance for Vista running Aero was similar for the most part as running Windows XP SP2. There was a concern that Aero, with all of its ‘eye candy,’ might slow Vista down. According to the report, this was not the case.

Real World Usage
This is my unscientific evaluation since I only have Vista running on one machine. It is a dual boot with Vista and Windows XP SP2.

System specs are an AMD Athlon 64 – 2800 CPU, 1G RAM, Seagate SATA 200G hard disk (2 partitions), NVIDIA 5200 FX video w/ 256 MB memory, Sony 16X DVD burner, all running on an ASUS mobo. System is about one year old and is used primarily for gaming. And the monitor is a Viewsonic 19″ LCD.

I still use XP to play some of the games I have that won’t run on Vista and also to use some of the software that hasn’t become Vista compatible as of yet. On the Vista side I surf the Net and run Office Pro 2007. Aero is activated.

I personally believe that both versions of Windows perform about the same. That’s it. No high-end test equipment analysis, no timing evaluations, no nothing, except my opinion. As I have stated before, it’s the feel that a user gets when using a computer that matters. And in this case both Vista and XP feel about the same.

To read the complete report from Principled Technology take a look here.

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