Popular Myspace Backgrounds

So what makes a great Myspace background? A while back, I put a bunch of retro MySpace backgrounds out there just for hoots. I’ll do a bunch more when I have the chance. I’ve been trying to figure out what folks are looking for … which begs the question: what are the most popular Myspace backgrounds? It’s no surprise that free myspace backgrounds would be in extremely high demand, but I wanted to get more specific. I did a little more digging and here’s what I found …

Discounting the holiday myspace backgrounds, the most popular requests include:

  • Cool backgrounds (well, duh!)
  • Music backgrounds
  • Sports backgrounds
  • Car backgrounds
  • Cute backgrounds (aw, shucks)
  • Animated backgrounds
  • Emo backgrounds
  • Sexy backgrounds
  • Love backgrounds
  • Girly backgrounds
  • Anime backgrounds
  • Skull backgrounds
  • Hot backgrounds
  • Skateboarding backgrounds
  • Scarface backgrounds
  • Fairy backgrounds, and
  • Tinkerbell backgrounds

Truth be told, I don’t even have a Myspace page. I just like to create seamless background tiles. If people get some use out of them, that’s cool. Maybe I can work up something cool where an emo Tony Montana meets a sexy girly anime Tinkerbell, they go for a drive in a hot sports car (with the music blaring) to the skateboard park where they fall in love.

What’s that? Deadline’s in fifteen minutes? No sweat!