Alien Shooter: Vengeance Official Web Site

CDV Software Entertainment USA today launched the official Alien Shooter: Vengeance site. The new site contains screenshots, videos, a recently released demo and other information about the upcoming action RPG. Alien Shooter: Vengeance will have gamers blasting through an alien onslaught with a variety of devastating weapons, while crashing through sci-fi environments in fast and deadly vehicles.

In development by Sigma Team, Alien Shooter: Vengeance drops players into an expansive sci-fi world of classic hack ‘n slash gameplay. Set against the backdrop of an intense conflict, Alien Shooter: Vengeance will have players using dozens of gut-ripping weapons to tear though waves of vicious alien life forms bent on total destruction. Multiple character types and an RPG skill-tree expand the game experience, while multiplayer gameplay modes increase the replay value. With the choice of three different game modes – Campaign, Survival and Multiplayer – the adventure will continue for hours on end!

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