J. River Media Center v12

Lockergnome often relies on our Gnomie friends to point out new and interesting software we might not otherwise know about! Gabriel Dusil writes:


I found the most amazing MP3 & AVI organisation package which I thought you should know about: J. River Media Center v12.

I finally found THE package to organise my entire audio and video collection. Here are some key features:

  • Effortless MP3 tag editing – you can swap two fields, you can find and replace.
  • Download missing album art images from the Internet – in batch mode.
  • Beautiful and flexible windows layout – customized columns, which you can name.
  • Allows tags of video files – what sucks, of course, is that AVI doesn’t support similar tags as in MP3 – but I implemented a great workaround: I created tags for my videos, including comments, genre, artist, album, music video song, etc. Then I used the MC feature, which allows you to use the tag information and rename the files. With a chosen and unique syntax, you then have key tags in the file name itself. This is important when the MC library is deleted since the library tags are lost in the video files. All you then do is use the same syntax to load the tags into the library from the filename. Awesome!
  • Export entire list – nothing new here, but you can do it now for AVI files as well! Fantastic. Found that the library export only supports XML, so I created a play list of the entire database, then exported that instead, which then exported in a ‘|’ delimited file.
  • Does a great job on updating MP3s with replay gain, peak, intensity and BPM.
  • For a 25K song collection, it’s amazingly fast.

Thought you might want to check it out, and maybe even write about it. It’s 100x better than Microsoft’s Media Center.

Happy New Year!