Mac Users – MS Office 2007 Is On Its Way, Should You Care?

According to this recent piece by WIRED, MS Office 2008 is on the way for Mac users. And if dropping your mortgage payment on a piece of basic productivity software is your style, then more power to you. I mean with them offering OpenXML, you had better make sure that you buy the latest version of Office as to not be left out in the dark once one of these OpenXML documents start showing up in your inbox. Not being ready could spell incompatibility for you! Or instead if you would rather pay nothing at all and be able to access, edit and then resend MS OpenXML docs at your leisure that is. Then I might just have an alternative you may wish to consider instead.

Introducing NeoOffice 2.1, due to roll out the first part of this year. For the most part, I think that this press release pretty much says it all. Short of OpenXML docs actually being created from scratch, it looks to me like NeoOffice ought to do anything you could possibly want and for a lot less money. How much you ask? Zero dollars, that’s how little.

Hey, I may not be a Mac guy, but that does not mean that I am not looking out for you! Well that and my better half is a rabid Mac enthusiast herself. So you might say that she has a little something to do with my inspiration for sharing this little tidbit with you. Enjoy!