Internet a Form of Escapism?

There are basically six types of people on this technology we call the Internet. We have the people who use it every once in a while and could function without it shall be from hereon referred to as the e-lights. Then you have two classes of people within the “business” type people on the internet. The ones that use it for profitable business selling goods and products shall be from hereon referred to as the e-bizzes, and the other “business” ones shall be from hereon referred to as the e-porns. Then there are the e-socialites who thrive on being the center of attention of the virtual world ranging from troll to celebrity. Then there are the e-scapists.

The e-scapists are people who normally have little to no friends offline and their whole life revolves around the Internet and their computer. They can be found in chatrooms, games, forums, instant messengers, etc. Their number is on the rise. You have some who are the more socialites who say stuff like, “The world hates me,” so that they can be the center of attention. Some people who are in this group however are online because the Internet is the only place they can find that they can fit in or be what they wish they could be in their offline world. These people can be very friendly, but some can be quite frightening. The more frightening ones tend to take everything seriously and tend to lash out at people who speak against them. They tend to hold grudges and think people who may be joking around actually hate them. They tend to seem to be bipolar because they can change their mood almost instantly. One minute they’ll hate you and then the next, they’ll have forgotten what you say, unless it really really made them angry. And if they do forget, expect that eventually, in the future they’ll randomly remember it and try to take vengeance upon them.


Hmm.. well… I wrote that above this because I believe that I’m an e-scapist on the more frightening side. I honestly take things so seriously to the point that I’ve cried because I thought I lost online friends or that people really hated me. It’s hard not to take things seriously, but I’m trying. My prognosis is not good, but meh, if they can’t like me for me, why should I care? Now I wanna hear, “Third Eye Blind – She Likes Me For Me”. OH and for those of you who don’t know, I swordofdestiny DJ for www.PowerFrag.FM every Monday night from 8-10 pm EST. My genre ranges from dance/electronica all the way to punk, rock and I limit myself to ONE country song per set, and that’s normally either Alan Jackson – Farewell Party or David Allen Coe – You Never Even Called Me By My Name as my last song. Of course if it’s requested, I can break the country song limit.

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