Crush Or Flush: The New Way To Meet Real People Anytime, Anywhere On Your Cell Phone

Today, Icebreaker Inc. announced the launch of Crush or Flush, the dating platform designed first and foremost for cell phones. Crush or Flush provides an easy way to flirt, chat, and meet real people with similar interests in your area – right from your cell phone. If you see a picture profile of someone you like, you “crush” them. If you aren’t impressed, you “flush” them. Most important, Crush or Flush basic services are free, helping many visitors hook up their friends or just have fun viewing picture profiles.

Crush or Flush allows users to sign up using any cell phone or computer. You create a profile, upload a face picture, and choose or create some tags that describe you (e.g. UCLA, yoga, chocolate, travel). Once registered, users can browse picture profiles based on age range, city, and interests, all for free. Every word, link, and graphic has been engineered to be simple and intuitive on even the smallest cell phone. For example, all Crush or Flush profiles are optimized for mobile viewing with face pictures and browseable tags. Unlike other “search-oriented” mobile dating applications, our community authored tag library makes it fun and easy to browse profiles by interests.

Safety and privacy are top priorities for IceBreaker, Inc. – users’ cell phone numbers, names, and addresses are private, and people can only see the profile you create. When you and someone else have a mutual crush, you chat anonymously. “Unlike traditional dating sites where members can hide behind multiple profiles, on Crush or Flush you can only have one profile that is tied to your cell phone number,” says Eric Hennings, CTO and co-founder, IceBreaker Inc. “If someone causes a problem we will block his or her number and that person will disappear from Crush or Flush.” The only time a user is notified is when a mutual crush has been made, at which time the users can be connected to chat anonymously within the application and without having to swap phone numbers. This eliminates the problem of users being solicited by people they are not into. Finally, if a profile has been flushed, there is no notification, so the rejection factor is taken away, ensuring a good experience for everyone.

Crush or Flush is entertaining and addictive. It can be used to flirt, chat, and meet new people or to play “matchmaker” for those who want to hook up their friends. The mobile software features “Tell a Friend” technology which allows users to send profiles via text message directly to a friend’s cell phone, with no download necessary. Users can pass along those irresistible profiles with one click – because sometimes no words are needed.

“Crush or Flush is the ideal way for busy people to make connections rather than being tied to their computer and playing the email tag game,” says Michael Robinson, CEO and co-founder, IceBreaker Inc. “Half the fun is the search and the initial romance of finding someone with whom you click. Crush or Flush brings back the spontaneity and romance of flirting.”

To begin flirting, please visit Crush or Flush!

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