Vista – From Microsoft – Available As A Download

Well this according to Microsoft will be a “Wow” experience. Once Vista hits the road in just about ten days plus change, users of the new OS will be able to download copies of Vista including upgrades directly from the Internet. Take a look below.
Market Place Web site Opens January 29, 2007.

And on Microsoft’s blog site there has been announced a discount deal for consumers needing to upgrade more than one computer. Pricing is available on the site with the built-in discounting featured for each version of Vista.

Microsoft Windows Blog

And am I going to guess that Microsoft will be using the .iso format on its downloads. This format requires that the image be burnt to a DVD. This can be done by various commercial and freeware products available on the market.

Which brings up another point. You will need a DVD burner to do this (burn an image) and at least a DVD-ROM to install Vista on a system. Fortunately these hardware devices are very affordable. Go with the DVD burner. 🙂

Though I haven’t personally used it, I understand that Burn4Free is a good software to try and it’s free.

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