Netflix – Watch Movies On Your PC From The Internet – Coming Soon

Prior to Netflix, we belonged to Blockbuster. Which meant going to the Blockbuster store, standing in line, checking out, watching the movie real quick to avoid a late fee, then rush back to the store to avoid paying a late fee. A real hassle.

So about 2 years we joined Netflix and have come to enjoy the Neflix experience very much. For the most part ordering, shipping and returning is a no hassle proposition. We’ve had a few glitches along the way, lost a movie or two in transit, or a movie arrived unplayable, but overall the service has been very good.

So it came as no surprise reading on the Netflix site a press release about their new offering: Neflix Press Release.

Interesting. Download the movies right to your PC. No waiting. No returns.

I think the best feature is that it does not require a download. Even with broadband, a movie download would take several hours or more. But it seems that Neflix has overcome this problem with just the use of a simple plug-in feature that will allow us users to stop or pause a movie in mid-play. Good thinking on their part.

I think this will just be another feature that others may follow up with. The Internet is really going to get more useful in the future. 🙂

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