Been a while

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Well, it has been a while since I last posted here.  Things are kind of hectic, since it seems that my mother-in-law may have to be put into a nursing home.  Not too sure, right at this time, but it seems a likelihood.

Computer wise?  Not much, other than having a motherboard that won’t recognize a SATA (Serial ATA/EIDE/IDE) drive.  Well….  To be honest, it is a PATA (Parallel ATA/EIDE/IDE) drive with one of those adapters to make the computer think it is a SATA drive.  Updated the BIOS, have gone back and forth with Intel, etc., etc.  I know the drive is good, because I have already used XP to format the silly thing.  So, I’m waiting for Intel to see what they have to say about it.

Oh.  One other thing.  Bought a new keyboard and I like all the extras, but I need to replace it, since some keys seem to be somewhat stuck while others like to keep on putting characters down.

Oh, well.  I’ll have to get one here more often and update more, since I now have more free time.  Got lots and lots of stuff I can post about programs I have tried out.  Heh.