Linux For The Desktop – Is It Really Time?

I was just going to write about how a new foundation has been formed in the Linux community, when I noticed that a another Gnomie had beat me to it. Take a look at Jeber’s Juke Joint for the details of how Linux is trying to give Microsoft a run for their money.

Here is my take on Linux vs Windows

  • Linux for the Desktop is still way to geeky for the average user. I guess my best analogy is to compare Linux to DOS. In order to learn DOS and the volumes of commands you needed to be certified as a 100% nerd. Linux still seems that way to me and this needs to be modified, changed, simplified, redone, uncomplex, uncomplicated, plain, clear, ………that’s enough. You get the point.
  • Distribution’s – in the eye of the beholder this is grand. 300 plus distributions being used by Linux nerds trying to impress each other on how well they can take open source and modify the code to meet their needs and confuse the populace. By doing this you make Linux look like a toy to be played with. Not a serious operating system to be taken, well, seriously.
  • Best of the best. Linux folks need to concentrate on the best software, the best distribution, the best hardware drivers and roll this all into one system. Until this is done, Linux will have limited appeal to get Windows users to switch.

Now having said all of this, and not wanting to start a flame war, or have my posts obliterated into space, I say these things because I really like Linux and I really believe it can be a viable alternative. And believe it or not, I am actually doing this post from Freespire using Firefox.

So to all of my Linux friends – if the entire Linux community got together and came up with ONE solid, ready to use distribution called simply LINUX, you would be a force to be reckoned with. At least in my humble opinion.

Ron dashes out the door before the rocks start flying. 🙂

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