The Ultimate Cheap Notebook?

By virtue of its portability, the notebook is the most personal of personal computers. When your laptop travels with you, it says something about your personal style, as much as a car or an article of clothing. The perils of choosing a cheap notebook that is inadequately engineered and poorly manufactured are many. Bang for the buck is crucial. There’s no living with atawdry-looking notebook that looks like hell and performs like molasses on a January night. The ultimate cheap notebook must provide dependability at an affordable price.

I’ll be the first to admit that finding the magic cheap notebook combination can be a real trick. Read all the reviews, ask all your friends, and you can still end up scratching your head. When budgets are tight, somethings gotta give … screen size, hard drives, memory, and DVD drives all provide opportunities to scrimp.

Needless to say, we’re still looking for a cheap notebook or two here at ranchero indebto. Back in December, Jeff recommended the Acer line. But I’m not crazy about buying a notebook without trying out the keyboard first. With all the time I spend hammering the keys, keyboards are a sticking point for me. (Apologies for the bad pun.)

If you have a favorite cheap notebook, please share all the juicy details. I can live with a smaller screen … I prefer a 12-inch screen, actually. I dig those small form factors, but I know that the most svelte models don’t come cheap …

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