Dell – Taking Orders For Vista Computers

Dell started taking pre-orders for new desktop and laptop computers systems with Vista installed, late on Friday, but will not deliver any systems prior to the official launch of Vista.

I went to the Dell web site to take a look at some of the systems they will be offering. It appears from a quick cursory look, that most of the systems are dual core with at least 1 GB of RAM. Pricing did not appear to be much higher than when XP was being offered.

And what was also surprising is that all of the systems I looked at came with Home Premium and not Home Basic. Before seeing these Dell systems, I had wondered if the OEM’s would offer Home Basic with Home Premium being a upgrade, with a higher price tags. Vista Business upgrade is being offered for $99 on most systems. Microsoft’s Vista versions here.

New Dell Systems With Vista here.

Then I headed over to HP’s site – same thing. New PC’s ready to go with Vista installed. HP systems here.

So it looks like the Vista launch is getting a early start. Is Vista on your agenda?

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