iPhone, It's For Fun – Not Business?

It kills me that the critics are STILL trying to group the iPhone’s value into the realm of unrelated devices such as the Blackberry. At the same time, some writers understand this and have reported on the matter with plenty of accuracy. Even punits such as Dvorak, have given their critique regarding the usability of the iPhone. He brings up good points, unfortunately I can’t believe anything he says anymore

But even taking a shaky level of integrity into account here, John may be right as to the user’s desire for a keyboard on their mobile device. Heck, this is something that I would want from my phone should I need to upgrade in the near future. But even considering the absence of a mini-keyboard, I am confident that the iPhone will sell nicely upon release as Apple is a master of marketing. They will produce a commercial that will win the hearts of millions of mobile users who are currently, unimpressed with current alternatives provided by Cingular.

As for my beef with Dvorak, I suppose we do share limited commonality on some other issues. Still, I just don’t see how anyone can say the iPhone is a “mistake”. Not too long back, I seem to recall people saying something similar about the iPod? After all, it’s just a music player! Yet the sales numbers broke all the rules.

What do you think? Will the iPhone offer enough functionality to keep the world interested? Or instead, will it be another novelty idea that flops harder than a drunken acrobat? Hit the comments above and share your insights.