Webroot – Blasts Microsoft – Vista – Defender – Live One Care

Well, Webroot the makers of Spy Sweeper software, didn’t pull any punches in their press release dated 1-25-07.

“Webroot Software, Inc., a leading provider of security software for the consumer, enterprise and SME markets, today unveiled evidence of potentially ineffective blocking capabilities in Windows® Defender, slow definition updates, and weak anti–virus capabilities in the default anti–spyware and anti–virus components of Microsoft’s Windows Vista™ operating system and Live OneCare™ suite. ”

The article goes on to say that Windows Defender missed over 84% of known malware in their tests, but failed to identify what the 15 malware’s were. And they stated that their Award Winning software caught everything.

They next struck at Vista, but in mid-stream changed their train of thought over to Windows XP, and how one malware got past admin. privileges.

I’m not going to go through the entire scathing article, which by the way, is very long. And since I know you people can read, take a look for yourself. Webroots article.

I guess what is disturbing to me, is that the article makes the tech’s up in Redmond appear to be total losers, unable to provide any type of protection at all. And that only 3rd party software will protect your systems. This smells of FUD to me. And a little self serving.
What’s your take? And please, no MS bashing. Let’s look at this problem as objectively as possible.

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