Discover, Enjoy, And Share World Cinema With, Inc. has unveiled a vibrant online community that delivers feature-length, international and American independent films in better-than-DVD quality to viewers around the world. With over 1000 films currently under license for distribution, Jaman will offer one of the largest libraries of award winning festival films, including the largest online library of Sundance festival films. Films on Jaman will be available for rental or purchase via Mac or PC.

“Less than one percent of films made in the world find distribution in the United States, leaving thousands of great stories untold,” said Gaurav Dhillon, CEO of Jaman. “Jaman’s ability to put the ‘social’ into the cinema provides a great online way to discuss and discover films from around the world.”

Film fans can watch feature films via Jaman’s player directly from their Mac or PC, or enjoy the viewing experience using a home theater system. Jaman incorporates community features including in-movie conversations, reviews, groups and “friending” providing a way for thousands of movie-goers to socialize on Jaman.

“When you experience the quality of the high-definition video and social aspects of Jaman, you’ll easily see why I chose it to debut at DEMO,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO Conference. “Furthermore, the business model is fresh and goes a long way toward leveling the playing field between film studios and filmmakers.”

Films on Jaman will be available for $1.99 to rent and $4.99 to purchase. During the remaining beta period, film rentals are free. Films can be browsed and discovered with a recommendation from a friend, the community, or Jaman editors. Users can also search for a particular title or actor or browse by region or genre. Jaman currently offers films from a growing list of content partners, including Americine S.R.L, Arc Light Films LTD, Celestial Filmed Entertainment Inc. (Shaw Brothers Film Library), Cinequest, Inc., ELO Audio Visual, Tip Top Entertainment, Vanguard Cinema and Venevision International Films LLC.

Jaman’s Cascade Network allows for the speedy delivery of movies to Macs and PCs over a secure peer-to-peer network.

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