Glyph Now Available in Retail Stores

Merscom announced today Glyph is available in retail stores under its ShadeTree Games label. Originally released online in July 2006, Glyph was heralded as one of the most downloaded games on RealArcade, Yahoo! Games, and Shockwave.

Featuring superior visual feedback and production values, Glyph, developed by Sandlot Games, provides players with a cinematic experience without ever losing its casual gaming appeal.

Using 14 unique interactive objects and power-ups with 3 boost levels, players attempt to save a dying world, Kuros, by assembling ancient glyphs and harnessing the power of Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Aether. Playable in two modes, Quest and Action, players uncover the mystery of the glyphs by matching guard stones and breaking through layers of rocks. Also featuring high score posting and 225 levels in five unique environments, Glyph offers hours of challenging game play.

“We are very excited to release Glyph in stores,” said Lloyd Melnick, Director of Merscom. “Glyph is an engaging game that transcends all preconceptions and allows players of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, to enjoy its high-quality graphics and dynamic concept. We are thrilled to release Glyph to a wider audience and we believe it will be well received by all gamers, casual and core alike.”

As an added bonus, players who purchase Glyph at retail stores will also receive Snail Mail, an engaging and challenging game that allows players to guide Turbo the Snail throughout the universe in his attempts to deliver Intergalactic Mail. Snail Mail features three different modes of play, with 50 levels in Postal Mode; gorgeous console-quality 3D graphics, high score board, and instant replay.

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