Another flash in the card. With a name like Ding Bums, it has to be good!

Today’s installment will be my last on this subject for a while. I will be moving onto another category of Open Source applications. I am not tired of this subject, I have just exhausted my repository of saved information, and since I am trying to find work I don’t have a lot of time to look around to find more on this subject.

This last flash card program is called DingBums, so you know it has to be really really good. This application can be found here. The author refuses to store flash card lessons since according to him/her “The program does NOT include predefined learning stacks — making one is considered part of the learning process.” The nicest feature that this program has is that the answer can be hinted at, by revealing the answer letter by letter, Flashing the answer for less than a second, or Shuffling the letters for the answer and displaying that. The other features are 4 multiple choice answers, many multiple answers, and pairing. There is also a learning algorithm embedded into the program so that those questions you do not know that well will popup more often than those questions you have no problem with.

Remember there are no pre-configured stacks so be prepared to put in some work, but you can have fun at the same time.


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