Call Mii

I wonder what the US Patent and Trademark office has for us today…doo, dee, doo…OMG!!! A Wii Phone?!? Check out this patent filed by Nintendo for the descriptive, “Electronic apparatus having game and telephone functions.” Then, take a look at some of the pictures.

Our Miis on the Nintendphone

Is Nintendo getting into the VoIP business? They have free wi-fi service already via the Wii, so why not make the Wii a hub, like a Vonage box? Of course, it’d be quite annoying to receive a phone call during an intense gaming session. “Um, I’m going to have to put you on hold until I defeat Ganon.”

Also, be wary of the rash of cutsy puns we’ll be sure to encounter.  I’ll save you the pain and just lay out some options now:  nintendphone, wii-dial, call wii-ting, call mii (sounds familiar), the phone’s wii-nging…well, you get the point.

Hat tip to SlipperyBrick

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