Vista – Replacement In 2009? Code Named?

I don’t get it. Last week I got a secret email from I can’t say who, from a company I can’t mention, for testing a product I can’t talk about. NDA = Non-Disclosure Agreement. That’s where you sign that you will not, won’t not, shall not and not-not, tell anyone under the penalty of death (I made that part up!), anything that you may know about something, even if you don’t know about it, but have been told about it.

Very simple.

Two things here I just don’t get:

1. Microsoft announces it is extending support for Windows XP until 2014.

2. Now it tells the world that a new Windows will be out at the end of 2009. Which means 2010 at the earliest. And that the new Windows has a new super secret code name. I’m guessing something like Tarantella – warm fuzzy feeling on the outside – but still able to suck the blood out of you. (Not a clue what the new name will be, but it will be leaked soon.)

It’s almost like going to a car lot. The salesperson tells you not to buy the 2007 model, that the 2002 model is better, and in 2009 the model will be completely redone anyway so why waste your money buying something new right now?

What to you think? Comments welcome.
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