Fresh Install, Every Time

As promised, I am ready to give my opinion of the NVIDIA/ATI driver installer known as Envy. But first, I wanted to do this right. I decided to use an external USB hard drive to backup my data on the machine I was to test and the card to have drivers installed was a NVIDIA 6800 GS (AGP).

I went ahead and wiped my existing install of Ubuntu off the box because I wanted this test to be as accurate as possible. From there, I did a clean install of Ubuntu Edgy, then ran all of the updates. After this, I was ready to get my proprietary driver installed. I downloaded the DEB package for Envy and then ran it. From there,

  1. Download and install the deb package
  2. Log out and press CTRL+ALT+F1 (so as to get out of the Desktop Environment, i.e. you’ll see ONLY the command line)
  3. Log in (if required)
  4. Log in with user name and password, type Envy, then follow all of the instructions

The results? Complete success with a great driver! Can’t speak to the success of the ATI card yet, however the NVIDIA support was fantastic and worked flawlessly. Would I recommend it? Definitely. I of course, had backed up my old xorg settings so that re-doing my dual monitor would be a snap. And with the driver install going this smoothly, I was in good shape in no time at all.

Something to consider: Trying this on your daily box or with an existing install that has “sat there” for a while is up to you. Should the installer fail, understand that I believe that this likely works best on new Ubuntu installations. Perhaps I am wrong here, but it just kills me when people take basic instructions, “get creative”, then blame the tool because they think it failed them.

With that said, stay tuned for an announcement that will quite possibly make this a thing of the past. Not going to divulge too much. But I will say that Ubuntu (and other distros as well) is about to receive a huge boost thanks to a talented developer that I am working with…stay tuned.