How To Clean Up Your Mac Menu Bar

Deskpopp is a new blog dedicated to OSX usage and organization. Their first lesson shows you how to Clear Up Your Menu Bar.

This is one of the most obvious signs of an unorganized, cluttered desktop; an over packed menu bar. Here are some steps to drain the fat out of your menu bar.

1. Our desire to know every little nugget of information is healthy but needs to be contained in the proper places. Computer internal stats are the number one offender of menu bar cramming. Many people use little do-dads that tell them how hot their processor is, ram usage, or hd space. You seriously don’t need a jittering, jumping number in the corner of your screen when your trying to work. The best replacement for these are Dashboard equivalents such as iStat.

In addition to some good and practical organization tips, the article recommends several costly programs but if you do some searching you can find several free alternatives for each.

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