Google 101 – Classes Being Taught At The University of Washington.

Would you like instruction on how Google does it from a real world Google person? Well that is what is actually happening at the University of Washington campus. It seems that what is being taught to students at the college level has been out dated. So in stepped a 26 year old college grad who works for Google, to teach real world applications and the Google way.

Chistophe Bisciglia is revamping the way that college science classes are being taught. His program uses real world examples right from Google itself. Not based on some boring out dated information that is normally taught, Bisciglia brings to life his experience working at one of the best technology firms in the industry.

“When I interview college students, they have a grasp of computing, but it’s fundamentally different,” Bisciglia said. The youngest of Google’s employees need months of training, he said, because what they’ve learned in school is outdated. The hope is that the class will mitigate that problem.

Unlike typical computer science, which teaches people to use one computer for solving problems such as how to count the number of times the word “mild” appears in a Charles Dickens classic, Google will teach students to use 40 computers to solve problems such as how many times the word “mild” appears on the Internet and which “mild” is most relevant to Internet users.”

And it seems that these classes may also be offered at other colleges and university in the near future.

All the details can be read here. Look under Google 101 debuts at the UW.

Also of interest. The building where the technology lab is housed was built by Microsoft and the computers supplied by Intel. All were freebies.

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