Report: Apple TV to take 20 to 30% of DVD Market

Wow and I get accused of being bullish on Apple.

Chris Whitmore an analyst for Deutsche Bank is reportedly saying that the Apple TV will take 20 to 30 percent of the DVD market within a few years.

I think this is being overly optimistic. iTunes still lacks the catalogs from several of the major studios. Its also too soon to see how the Apple TV will be accepted by consumers. If it also recorded TV shows like a PVR/TiVo I think Apple wouldn’t be able to keep the shelves stocked. While I ordered one, I don’t think it has enough features to justify its cost to most people. My wife certainly gave me a lot of crap about it and she remains unconvinced. But I think its better than Netflix and since I already have two TiVos, including a Dual Tuner I really don’t need another PVR.

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