Digital Photo Frames

I’m sick of looking at digital photo frames. It’s not that the idea isn’t insanely cool … it’s just that for the most part they’re missing the obvious. Nearly every town has at least one shop devoted to making custom conventional picture frames to fit the decor of the room in which they’ll be displayed. So why don’t we see more custom digital photo frames? Is the new technology still too alien for the old-school art world?

Brushed aluminum and black plastic fail to mesh with your colonial armoire? Chrome and Lexan clash with your mission furniture? Great digital pictures scream for wooden frames and tasteful matting.

Not happy with a little seven or ten inch screen? Want to display your photos in a more generous size? Not ready to print your photos on canvas? Beautiful vistas and gorgeous faces deserve a lush spacious showcase away from the confines of the desktop.

Why shoot 5 mega pixel photos if you’re only going to display them in a tiny little frame?

Thankfully, DIY custom digital photo frame how-to articles aren’t hard to find. Most articles focus on recycling old laptops.

WiFi-equipped flickrizing is all the rage. Many PC-based digital photo frames use Slickr, a nifty screen saver to pull images off the net.

Want to do it big, in style, and without an old laptop? You’ll find USB-equipped 17- and 19-inch digital photo frames at photoVu, with custom framing and matting. While they’re not PC-based, they have WiFi and can share photos from iPhoto, flickr, Picasa, and SmugMug.


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