I Don’t Watch TV

Really.   I don’t.   When I have the nerve to say this to people, their reaction resembles shock. The information doesn’t seem to register, leaving the listener’s face completely blank.   After reiteration and time to allow the victim to recover, I gently explain that it’s such a massive waste of time that I simply cannot allow theft of my time on such a scale.

I used to watch TV and do what so many people do; complain that there was nothing decent to watch.   Basic cable where I lived offered 47 channels.   After spending 10 minutes fruitlessly looking at the TV guide, usually if there was nothing new on the Cooking Channel I’d turn to an Andy Griffith episode to provide some noise and go wash the dishes.   Unless there was a football game on, in which case that was ‘it’ for the evening.   Don’t even go there.

I’m aware of what’s on, the TV is on most of the day to provide noise and entertainment for my mother-in-law.   On rare occasions, I’ll hear ‘The Dog Whisperer’ on National Geographic TV and go in to watch half an episode.   None of it looks as good as playing in the dirt, cleaning the house, cooking, surfing for links to put in my husband’s and my ezine, reading newsletters, online newspapers and blogs, taking photographs, learning a new skill, writing, etc..   My idea of what constitutes ‘leisure’ activities has changed quite a bit and TV is no part of it.

Are you sitting down?   I hate sports.

Lisa Miller

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