zReturn Labels For Travelers Expedite Return Of Lost Luggage, Gadgets

zReturn, the leading lost and found recovery service, announced today the launch of zReturn for Travelers. Following the recent news from the US Department of Transportation of a 39% increase in complaints about lost luggage filed with US airlines, zReturn will be giving away trial labels to the first 500 attendees carrying luggage or portable electronics at the New York travel show this weekend at the Jacob Javits Center. Packages of six zReturn labels, with free limetime support, can be purchased at an introductory price of $12.95 plus S&H from here.

Look for free trial use of the zReturn service this year on many new products, including digital cameras, handhelds and accessories, car stereos, audio and video products, and binoculars as well as luggage and bags.

Sergio Caplan, CEO of zReturn, looks forward to the public introduction of zReturn labels to Javits Center showgoers. “We are pleased to introduce zReturn to the travel show attendees – the protection of their luggage and devices will begin from the moment they register and affix their labels.”

According to zReturn, most people will attempt to return lost items to their original owners, but zReturn labels expedite the process, allowing losers and finders to contact each other anonymously as quickly as possible, providing the added beneficial protection against identity theft. zReturn registered items ensure protection for portable devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players.

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