Where the heck is Leopard?!

Rumors flew and the supposed announcement dates have come and gone and we’re still no closer to having any idea when Mac OS X 10.5, codenamed Leopard, will be released. I’m still also waiting with bated breath for an announcement or even a solid rumor about the next iMacs and when they’re expected.

Leopard was promised to be out “Spring 2007.” With Spring just weeks away, I’m getting a little nervous that the only announcement will be, ‘opps, we’re going to be delayed.’

Some recent rumors are saying Leopard’s development is wrapping up, but I’m a bit skeptical since no press events have been scheduled. I’m guessing if nothing is announced by Tuesday March 6, 2007 an early spring release will be pretty unlikely.

Also, where are the rumors about all the “secret features” that Jobs wouldn’t show because of concerns Microsoft would steal them for Vista? Could the recent delay of the Apple TV be related? Could the iPhone’s touch features also be coming in the Leopard OS and to new iMacs, Apple Displays, and MacBooks? That’d be a kill feature and could make the wait worth it. But, I’m so overdue for a new computer and cannot wait any longer.

Baring no announcement by Tuesday, I’ll be buying a loaded 24″ iMac next week. I’d really kick myself if these speculations come to light and their release is just around the corner.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Have you heard any good rumors?

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