Firedog – Circuit City's Answer To The Geek Squad

Today I received via the US Postal Service, a letter from Circuit City with three items attached.

  • The first was a offer to extend the warranty on the laptop computer I purchased for my wife, to 3 years for a modest fee of only $219.95. First reaction. If the the laptop breaks and I can’t repair it, I’ll dump it and buy a new one. I only paid $600 for the unit on sale.
  • A $15.00 off coupon if I spend $100 or more. Expires March 31, 2007, so I better hurry.
  • A advertisement to introduce a new breed of technology service called ‘firedog”.

I wondered over to the fire puppy site to take a look around. Oh, I see. It’s a Geek Squad clone dressed in green. And it’s a Circuit City look a like to go in head to head competition with Best Buy.

And the pricing……well it is just like Best Buy. Just a little high for some services. But you be the judge. Below is the link to the site and see what you think.

Circuity City Firedog Website

Comments welcome.

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