Simple DST Fix – How Come Nobody Has Mentioned This?

Sometimes we make things so complicated and then we read a simple fix. I was over at LG this afternoon and read a post by The Shadow which stated for home users:

  • Just double click the little clock in your system tray.
  • Then, click the “Time Zone” tab and at the bottom of the window UN-Check the box that says “Automatically Adjust
  • Clock for Daylight Savings Changes.”
  • OK the window to close it.
  • When the time comes just manually reset your system clock and all should be OK.

It made me kind of laugh. For the past several weeks there have been many posts about how DST could be worse than the Y2K problem, which overall was a non-event. And now here is posted something that is so simple it made me wonder why no one had posted this before.

But I guess doing something the easy way wouldn’t make for interesting headlines. 🙂

Thanks, Wayne – two thumbs up!

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