Players Can Take Wheel Of Fortune 2 For A Spin On The PC

Wheel of Fortune 2 is an exciting update to the online PC version of the game based on one of America’s most popular game shows. This newly redesigned version features enhanced and customizable characters, a variety of new play modes including a single-player and same-PC multiplayer option along with a variety of new gameplay features including the chance to earn in-game trophies.

About Wheel Of Fortune 2
Player Modes: Players will be introduced into a variety of new game modes such as: single player, Puzzle of the Day, same-PC multiplayer and Road Trip – which allows players to “buy a vowel” at a multitude of different stops across the country.

Character Customization: Players will be able to create a customized character that reflects their unique personality.

Gameplay: Players can challenge themselves to collect all the in-game trophies for “best of” game play, travel to a new city and see how a change of scenery affects their skills or simply spin and win – and watch the money pile-up!

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