These Exploits Cross All Boundries

Look, regardless of which operating system you prefer to use or the browser you choose to view your favorite destinations with, some virtual dangers hold nothing sacred. These kind of incidents are related to those who are using Windows XP and not Vista. So I would refrain from saying this is a “Windows issue” as that may not be entirely true.

Unfortunately however, so of the nasties out there really do not care what you use to computing on a daily basis and can quite literally, ruin your life with the swipe of one faulty key stroke. Take this for example. Note where it reads: The demonstration is here? After reading the information above, try it out. But understand that you will want to rethink ever trusting another link ever again. This is especially true of those accepting credit card and Paypal payments.

It appears to work on Ubuntu, in Firefox, along with IE 7 on Windows. Phishing tool if I ever say one. Let’s give thanks poorly written code, shall we?