Ultimate Home Theater PC Case?

Looking for the ultimate case for your home theater PC? Your search just might be over. The Zalman HD160XT delivers the holy grail for the home theater PC aficionado: a stereo component form factor and a spiffy 7-inch touch-screen LCD on the face. Forget that boring beige … these aluminum-cased babies come in either anodized silver or black, but they don’t come cheap …

Packed with three “ultra-quiet, high-capacity” fans, the HD 160XT case is built to breathe. Air vents are thoughtfully positioned to ensure maximum cooling: pulling air directly into the power supply, as well as away from the graphics card and the hard drives . (There’s a generous amount of space for hard drives, with five 3.5-inch bays and one 5.25-inch bay.) Fan speed is adjusted via the touch-screen LCD panel.

The LCD screen also provides control over volume and EQ, while the front panel uses buttons to mimic the keyboard arrows, enter, and backspace keys. USB, Firewire, audio I/O ports, and a memory card reader can be found on the front panel, as well. A big honking volume knob provides the tactile feel you love (if you don’t get your jollies from adjusting the sound levels with the LCD). A Windows XP MCE-Compatible remote control is included, as well.

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